coastal wall decor display of framed art prints

Expert Tips for Choosing the Best Coastal Wall Art for Your Home

coastal wall decor display of framed art prints

Nothing brings the feeling of Aussie summer and beaches into your home better than coastal inspired décor and wall art. We’d all love to spend every day at the beach, but for most of us, this is just a holiday dream. However, you can evoke the serenity and joy of the beach in your home every day by adding coastal and beach inspired framed art prints.

Australian Coastal Wall Art Around Your Home

Having beach and coastal art prints can remind you every day of of those sunny, summer days and family holidays. Especially when you choose coastal art images from popular locations around Australia.

For example, these decorator art prints of the secluded Wategos Beach in Byron Bay, is perfect to help you picture that perfect day of stepping onto your favourite beach, ready to find your spot on the beach to lay down your beach towel, listen to the waves and soak up the sun.


Decorating your home with professionally framed coastal art prints can also warm up your home’s ambience and style during those long winter months too, while you wait for Summer to return.

Selecting beach art and photos that features iconic Australian nature, such as Kangaroos, Banksia Trees or Pandanus Palms are also ideal for creating that authentic Australian feel to your home.


When you choose framed Australian Coastal Art Print for your home from Profile, you also have the extra satisfaction of knowing that the picture frames are Australian-made and only use eco-sustainable timber as well.

Set the Tone with Abstract Beach Art

Another great way to escape to the beach, but also add a touch of modern abstract art, is to choose an aerial beach photo print. These style of decorator prints made using aerial drone photography, can offer soft pastel tones and subdued warm colours of beaches and coastlines, combined with the turquoise blues of the ocean. These natural colour combinations create an artistic abstract effect, which can be the perfect way to set a desired tone for a room, while also reminding you of that perfect beach or summer escape!

Framed Aerial Photo of Sandy Beach and water on Wall

Make Your Home Feel Like a Coastal Holiday Resort

When you adorn your walls with beautiful coastal inspired images, you also create that perfect ‘holiday escape’ feeling and atmosphere, all year round.

Choosing a combination of white and raw timber frames to go around these beach prints help create a bright and natural aesthetic, perfect for any Australian décor and style.


Choosing Beach Art to Match your Style

Do you prefer a Scandinavian style of furniture and décor? Do you like modern interiors? Perhaps you have lots of natural wooden surfaces? Whatever your preference in style, you’ll want your wall art to complement your overall look and feel, so that it doesn’t conflict or distract.

Coastal and beach prints can be perfect for this reason. Because there is so much variety to choose from, whether you choose a brightly coloured rock pool photo of Bronte Baths, or subdued black & white photo of surfers at the beach – you’ll always be able to find the perfect type of art print to match the style of your décor.


Choosing the Best Colour and Size for your Coastal Art Prints

You can tune the style of any art or photo to fit in with its surrounding décor, simply by the choice of the colour of the picture frame. Some designers like to use the frame colour to match the colour of the furniture, the bedspread or the curtains used in the wall. For this reason, timber picture frames in either white, black and natural oak can work with virtually any interior décor.

Regarding choosing the right size of artwork – as a general rule of thumb, if in doubt – go bigger. Depending on your space and where possible, you’ll want to fill any available wall space with framed artwork in a size as large as possible.

Alternatively, you could also choose to fill your wall space using multiple framed art prints, such as two or three framed artworks. When combined as a photo wall display, these can complement and enhance each other to better help to convey the vibe you wish to create. You may even choose to create an entire gallery wall display such as this example of Bondi Beach coastal and beach framed imagery below.


You can also have the option of adding or removing white space around an art print. Most people prefer the look of a white border option around their image, which can help provide an appealing distance between the artwork and the edge of the frame. This white border can either be intentional white space of the paper print, surrounding the artwork, or it could be a matboard if you choose to get your art print custom framed. 

Personalise Your Wall Art with Your Favourite Coastal Destinations and Beaches

Australia is a beautiful country of picturesque landscapes, coastlines, and beaches. And everyone has a favourite beach or coastline. Displaying framed artworks of these epic destinations can help recall those treasured memories of our favourite moments or holidays which invoke feelings of pleasure and joy. Whether it is Byron Bay, Bondi Beach, the Gold Coast or Noosa Heads, you can never go wrong by choosing a decorator wall art print of a favourite destination.

wall display of framed coastal and beach art prints

Choose Coastal Wall Decor that Makes You Feel Good!

If you are going to hang framed art decor on your wall that you’re going to look at every day, then simply choose something you’ll love. Whether you love beaches, coastlines, abstract images, aerial views, or nature, always keep in mind that if the image you choose is something that makes you feel good, then you’ve made the right choice! You can’t go wrong with coastal themed art prints and photos.

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