How to choose the right wall art for your home or office

How to Choose the Right Wall Art for Your Home or Office

Many people aspire to make their homes and offices to be comfortable and peaceful places to be in. Creating the right space to achieve the ambiance and atmosphere you desire, can easily be influenced by the framed wall art that you choose to hang on your walls. 

Beautifully framed decorator wall art is the finishing touch to add to your walls and pull your room's space together. The art prints you select will set the tone, style and vibe of the room, so it's important to select the right pieces. Your room can have a completely different feeling, from calming and soothing, to dramatic and vibrant, all by the selection of the style, size and colours of your framed art. 

Framed Wall Art Prints Arranged on a Living Room Wall

Below, we have put together three simple things you may want to consider when choosing framed art prints or posters to adorn your walls. 

1. What's Your Theme?

The most important thing is that the art print reflects your personality and lifestyle. Choose wall art prints that reflect and embody who you are, while the same time also matches the style and feel of your room. For example, you might prefer a relaxing coastal beach theme for your room, which takes you away to a quick holiday, every time you see your wall! 

Collection of Framed Art Prints with a Beach Theme

2. Choose Wall Art Prints by Colour Tone

The simplest way to choose by colour is by looking at your space and identifying the colour palette. Then pick a wall art prints that match these colours. By doing this, you will create a cohesive / monochromatic look.

Alternatively, if you are willing to add pops of colour, choose a decorator art print that is complementary or opposite to the existing colour palette.

Finally, for a more secure look, you could pick black & white prints or posters. 

Framed Group Display of Black & White Wall Art Prints

3. Optimal Use of Size & Space for Your Framed Art

The optimal size for your art is around 50% of the available space. Anything above 75% can become looking too crowded. Anything below 50% will look sparse. If 50% of the available space looks too big for a single framed piece you, you can always create an attractive grouping such as using a pair of framed prints, or even create a gallery wall display, like the example below:

A pair of bohemian inspired framed art prints on wall

Creating Your Own Photo Gallery Wall

If you have your own photos or artworks, then why not create a curated gallery wall of meaningful artwork and photos which you can be proud to display. An 'Salon Hang' arrangement of framed photos and artwork like this can make you remember those favourite moments every time you look at it. 

Framed Photo Wall Display

Profile offers a great range of Australian-made Gallery Wall Frame Sets which come boxed with everything you need to create your own inspiring photo wall of framed artworks and photos.

How to choose the right picture frame infographic

Choose the right picture frame infographic

Choosing Australia's Best Framed Art Prints Online?

If you are looking to buy decorator framed wall art prints online to improve your home or office, check out our curated collection of artworks and photography. 

All our designer fine art prints are all printed and framed in our studio in Sydney, using the highest quality, fade-resistant inks and paper.

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All of our framed prints are made using eco-sustainable, solid timber frames, with hanging wire pre-installed so your framed wall art print is delivered, ready to hang!

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