How to hang a photo frame or picture frame on your wall

How to Hang a Photo Frame or Picture Frame on Your Wall

Are you looking for assistance on how to hang a photo frame or picture frame on your wall? We have created a convenient step-by-step guide.

How Do You Hang a Picture Frame or Photo Frame on a Wall?

When hanging a photo frame there are a few things that you need to consider such as the position and placement of your frame, does the frame complement and enhance your space?

Also consider if the wall space might be too big and for a single small frame? If this so, then we would suggest hanging multiple frames together, in either a cluster or arranged formation. You could even consider creating a photo wall gallery

Below is a step-by-step guide to hanging your photo or picture frame in your home or office. 

Getting Started:

Items you'll require:

items required to hang a photo frame
  • Your picture frame or photo frame
  • A tape measure
  • A screw driver
  • Wall hook (in this example we have used a Wall Mate)
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

Step 1 - Insert Your Photos or Pictures into Your Photo Frames

If you haven't already done so, insert your photos or artworks into your picture frames and attached your hanging wire to the back of your frame. If you would like some help with these steps, we've created these helpful step-by-step guides which include videos: 

Inserting your photos into your picture frame

Step 2 - Determine Where on Your Wall You Would like to Hang Your Picture Frame

The ideal height to hang picture frame on your wall is where just above the the center of the picture frame, is aligned at your comfortable eye level. 

measuring the photo frame to hang at eye level

Step 3 - Marking the Top of Your Picture Frame Location on Your Wall

Marking The Top of Your Picture Frame Location on the Wall

Hold the picture frame in position in the ideal hanging spot on the wall. Then place a pencil mark (or a piece of painters tape) at the top of the photo frame, this will mark where you want the top edge of the frame to sit.

If you like, you can also put a piece on the bottom of the photo frame so that when you stand back you can have a look and see if the positioning is right for you.

Step 4 - Measuring the Hanging Distance on the Back Of Your Picture Frame

Place your picture frame face down on a flat surface. Then measure from the top of the frame to the picture hook. If your frame has a wire hanger, hook your measuring tape onto the wire and pull upwards towards the top of the frame (to take up any slack in the wire)

Measure the gap between the wire and the top of the picture frame. Write this measurement down (in this example, it is approx.10 centimeters)

Measuring the Hanging Distance on the Back Of Your Picture Frame

Step 5. Mark Your Wall Hanger Location on Your Wall

Using this measurement, position the tape measure at the top of your tape/pencil mark, and this will show the required distance where your the hook for your picture frame will need to go.

Mark this spot on the wall with your pencil (in our example, the spot is 10 centimeters from the top)

Mark Your Wall Hanger Location on Your Wall

Step 6 - Fixing Your Wall Hook Hanger onto the Wall

Screw the Wall Mate or Wall Hook into the wall. However please observe any weight limit requirements of these type of hangers, especially self-adhesive hangers. We recommend using mechanical hangers like screws and nails where possible. 

Please pay attention to the screw to ensure it is properly rated to take the weight of your frame.

Helpful Tip:

Larger sized frames such as A1 or bigger, may require two wall hooks or wall hangers to properly support the weight of the frame over time. Two wall hooks can spread the load and support a greater weigh than just one hook. 

We're using a Wall Mate and a Screw in the example shown below:

Fixing Your Wall Hook Hanger onto the Wall

Step 7. Hang Your Picture Frame Over the Wall Screw or Wall Hook

Now you're ready to hang your picture frame over the wall hooks, using the wire cord behind the frame. Just carefully check and make sure that the picture frame is supported securely by the hooks. 

Hang Your Picture Frame Over the Wall Screw or Wall Hook


Step 8 - Check That Your Picture Frame is Level

Finally, take a few steps back to ensure the picture frame is sitting level. You can use your eye to judge this or you could also use a spirit-level.

Helpful Tip:

Place blue-tack on the rear bottom corners of the picture frame (or alternatively felt stickers) to stick to the wall for stability.

Now your picture frame is now hung and you can admire and enjoy your framed photo or artwork for years to come! 

We hope this information was helpful for you. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel welcome to contact us.

The infographic below helps to visually understand the optimal place where to hang your picture frame on an empty wall or around furniture. 

Where to hang a picture frame infographic

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