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How to Preserve Your Precious Memories with Keepsake Memory Boxes

The most important aspect of our lives are our memories. Nothing is worth preserving more. For this reason, a simple item such as a wooden keepsake box can easily become the most important thing to treasure for the future. 

Memories shape our souls

A memory is a past experience or event remembered and reinterpreted in the present moment. The meaning we give to our past experiences or events shape us. Memories are our essence and what make each of us unique. No one has the same memories. Even if we might share an experience, it will be remembered differently from subject to subject, person to person.

Memories help us remember who we are, where we come from, our loved ones, impactful moments and enjoyable times. In times of discomfort or challenges, memories also help us learn from past mistakes, provide valuable lessons and find warmth and comfort.

However, as we become older, memories fade and can become more difficult for us to remember. So, in order to recall these better, it is important to find different ways to preserve and store those items and treasures that best represent those most important memories. 

Preserving your memories, in a box!

Keepsake memory boxes are perfect to preserve your most cherished memories. Almost like an altar, these special boxes become a sacred place to safely keep your precious life treasures organised and easily accessible for the years to come.

The most common types of mementos and artifacts stored in a keepsake memory box are photographs, wedding or birthday invitations, event tickets, letters from loved ones, kid's drawings, holiday postcards and more. 

Keepsake Boxes Australia

What is a keepsake memory box?

A keepsake memory box is a special container designed to store and preserve items that may hold sentimental value such as mementos, special memorabilia and other items from life's special events. 

Being able to store and review these items are a way of helping to preserve the special memories and moments associated with them. 

Keepsake boxes can be made from any common storage container from something as simple as shoebox, a plastic container, or even a jewellery box.

Generally, wooden boxes that can be customised are preferred, because these are durable and long lasting, worthy of the significance of the contents they may hold. 

You can also get containers that are especially designed for the purpose of becoming a keepsake box. 

Profile's range of memory keepsake boxes are made to last using solid wood. They feature a smooth matte white finish inside and out, using eco-sustainable timber and quality metal hinges and clasp for securing the lid. To make it more customised and personal each lid features a window where you can display your favourite photo. Each wooden keepsake box is designed to preserve your important memories and made to last a lifetime. 

Keepsake Box
Keepsake Box

Each keepsake box is meant to tell a story for a special time in your life. For example, a memorial keepsake box can be filled with letters and photos from loved ones who may have passed away. This can provide solace during moments of grief.

Alternatively, a Graduation Keepsake Box can be filled with memorabilia from years of studying and can provide pride and confidence.

Even a Love Keepsake Box can be filled with notes, messages and photos of your relationship providing memories of happiness and joy for years to come.

Or, like the image below, a Family Keepsake Box can be filled with memorabilia from holidays and travels providing fun memories from unforgettable summer stories. 

Keepsake Box

Overall, a memory keepsake box is to help your store, organise and preserve your most treasured possessions.

Over time, these boxes can become the most treasured and meaningful containers in people's homes. By personalising them and curating them effectively, people can ensure they can keep reliving moments and telling past stories, for the younger generations to come.

Baby Keepsake box

What is the meaning of a keepsake box?

The most common use for a keepsake box or memory box is to mark life's major events such as a newborn baby, a baptism, a christening, a graduation, a wedding, and any other milestones and special occasions in life.

Engagement Keepsake Box
Family Keepsake Box

One of the most popular events for creating a keepsake box is a personalised Baby Keepsake Box. These are commonly used to store sentimental newborn baby items such as hospital birth tag, ultrasound scans, baby's first lock of hair, baby's first photos, baby's first outfit or any other special item.

Other popular reasons for keepsake boxes are a personalised Engagement Keepsake Box or a Wedding Memory Box for a marriage. These memory boxes can be used to store memorabilia from the special day. For example, first love letters, photos, ribbons, jewellery, cards, wedding cake toppers, wedding invitations, and other meaningful gifts from loved ones and guests on the day. 

Wedding Keepsake Box

What can I put in a keepsake box? 

As we previously mentioned, a memory box is a special place where you can store and preserve sentimental items. The most common items are photographs, letters or ticket stubs. But let's explore what other items could be store in a memory box.

  • In the category of photographs, you could store family portraits, snapshots from travels, polaroid pictures, photo booths or ultrasound scans.
  • In the category of letters, you could store handwritten letters from a loved one, travel postcards from friends or family, notes, Christmas cards or birthday cards. Tickets stubs from concerts, cinema or sporting events are also a great way to remember fun and enjoyable times. 
  • Items that hold sentimental value like small trinkets or souvenirs can also be ideal to store in a keepsake box. For example, a key ring or a fridge magnet from a place you've traveled.
  • Artwork, such as a message, drawing or painting from a child can be beautiful items to keep. Some people also like to store their journal or diary with the aim to look back on it in years to come.
  • Other items to consider that may add value to your keepsake box are gifts from a loved one such as a necklace from your grandmother, a watch from your grandfather, a book, a scarf, or any other memento. 

These are just a few ideas, but really there is no limits on what you can keep in a memory box. Each box is as unique as the memories who owns it.

Finally, remember that your memory box is personal to you - there are no strict rules on what should or shouldn't be included. Choose items that bring joy and happy memories when revisiting them in the future.

old photos in a wooden keepsake box

Reasons for keeping a keepsake box

Keepsake boxes have been used for centuries, from a simple shoebox to a fancy, hand-made wooden box, memories have been preserved and passed down generations by using keepsake boxes. Keeping a keepsake box has numerous benefits for both mental and emotional well-being.

1. Recalling happy memories

Firstly, we could say that these boxes serve as a mood boost pill. They help us relieve happy memories from the past. Whether is a ticket stub from a first date, a photo of a child or an old love letter from a proud Grandma. Each item is associated with a happy memory and when looking at them you can feel an instant mood boost. 

2. Tracking life's milestones

Secondly, these boxes serve as a milestone tracker. If you are someone who uses a keepsake box for each life special event, such as birthdays, graduation, wedding, newborn and other significant moments, you can look at them and see how far you have come and all that you have accomplish.

3. Time Capsules for the future

Finally, these boxes also serve as a time capsule. Preserving personal and family items in a keepsake box allows us to pass down family history and traditions from generation to generation. These tangible objects allows a family to pass down stories from loved ones that may no longer be here.

Creating and maintaining a keepsake box is therapeutic and healing. It provides the opportunity to self-reflect on our past experiences and emotions while helping us evaluate our personal growth over time. 

Like the image below, you can also pair your customised keepsake box with a customised occasion photo frame. At Profile we offer a wide range of Australia made eco-sustainable timber occasion photo frames that perfectly match with the keepsake boxes.

Keepsake Box

Helpful tips for organising and storing your memories in a keepsake box:

1. Categorise:

We recommend sorting your memories into categories that make sense and are relevant to you. Such as childhood, graduation, engagement, wedding, birthdays, holidays. Important people or life milestones and occasions are also common categories too. This will help you see how much memorabilia you own. Keep in mind that you can always have more than one keepsake box, to cover every different person, occasion and milestone as well. 

2. Selecting your containers:

Depending on how much memorabilia you have under each category, select the appropriate containers. Plastic containers, wooden containers and even Tupperware containers can be used. In some cases, you may also need more than one container too.

However, when it comes to special and meaningful keepsakes, you may prefer to sue a container that is specifically designed to be a keepsake box, such as a Profile Keepsake Memory Box, which are beautifully presented with silver hinges and personalised to suit different themes too. 

3. Labeling Your Containers:

This is a key step when organising your memories. You want to be able to easily find and discover your keepsakes again in the future - so it can make sense to clearly identify your memory storage boxes. 

Profile makes this very easy as each of our memory keepsake boxes feature a lid with a window where you can display a 4x6 inch photo (10x15cm). Simply, select a photo that represents the items that are kept inside the box. 

At Profile, we also offer a wonderful range of personalised wooden keepsake boxes that feature the word 'baby', 'wedding', 'love', 'family', and many more options to suit different occasions. 

4. Storing Your Containers:

Your memories within these boxes are important to you, so it is equally important that you store your keepsake box in a dry area of your home away from any direct sunlight or moisture which could damage a wooden box over time.

Memorial Keepsake Boxes

In conclusion, everyone should have a keepsake box because they help you stay connected to your past while also providing comfort in the present and vision for the future. Keepsake boxes are a powerful tool within families, they connect you with your past memories and they tell stories from previous generations.

Keepsake boxes are also a wonderful tool to preserve and cherish milestones and accomplishments. These boxes are little containers of joy and happiness. So be sure to start creating your own keepsake box today!

Where to find quality, wooden keepsake boxes in Australia?

Profile's wide range of wooden memory boxes come in a variety of customised options, designed to serve a specific life's important occasion. These feature silver hinges and an elegant silver latch to secure the contents in beautiful way. 

Profile's keepsake boxes can also be personalised further with a window centered into the lid where you can display a 4x6 inch (10x15cm) photo. This photo can be representative of the contents stored inside, making the keepsake box even more meaningful and unique to suit. 

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Authors: This article was written by Jared Davis & Aina Casacuberta 

Jared Davis is a Sales and Marketing Director for Profile Australia and also a published author, writer and educator. 

Aina Casacuberta is a graphic design expert and the Lead Product Designer for Profile Australia.