Small decor changes for an autumn cosy home

Small Decor Changes For An Autumn Cosy Home in 2024


Every season comes with an excuse to redecorate your home. It doesn't mean that you have to spend a lot or do drastic changes, just a subtle swap or add-on can help you bring the autumn vibes into your home.

In order to achieve an autumn feel you can play with cosy layered textures and warm colours by doing one, or all of the following:

"Create an environment where you feel relaxed, warm, cosy and comfy"

1. Dried Natural Botanical Flowers

Dried flowers are an on-trend style statement in your home. Their incredible natural colours and structured shapes embrace the elements of nature; linked to longevity, sustainability and authenticity. They last a long time and they require low maintenance. It is a perfect add-on to bring texture and a neutral touch into any room. 

Photo Frame and dried flowers


2. Oversized Blankets and Throws

Blankets keep you warm and cosy while they bring a stay-at-home comfort. After summer it is time to have a hot tea and cuddle up with a good book and an oversized blanket.

Throw over chair

3. Swap Summery Scents for Spicier Notes

The end of summer can sometimes feel flat and bring sadness. Switching your home scents to something spicier can also change your mood. The cooler months are perfect to embrace fragrances with warm, intense spicy notes. 


4. Decorate your Picture Frames with Photos Displaying Warm Colours

A warm colour palette traditionally includes: pastels, earthy tones, golden tones, fiery and natural colours. Combined with some stronger tones such as green or pink can help you create an environment where you feel relaxed, warm, cosy and comfy.


Don't wait until the season changes before making these quick and simple additions around your home. Get started today so you can enjoy the season how you want it.

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