What makes wooden photo frames so popular

What Makes Wooden Photo Frames so Popular, Unique and Easy to Style?

Eco-sustainable wooden photo frames and picture frames have become increasingly popular in the past couple of years, especially since the pandemic forced many of us to spend more of our time in our homes. As a result, an underlining desire to connect with nature has awaken within us.

An evident styling trend has emerged, connecting nature to your home and living spaces. This is created by using earthy tones and inspirational outdoor imagery when styling your home with decorative framed prints, framed photos and wall art. 

Why wooden frames are unique?

There's something special about the touch and feel of solid piece of natural timber, whether it be in a table, a bed head or a picture frame.
Our range of timber photo frames and raw oak picture frames are carefully handcrafted and proudly made in Australia using the finest materials, highest quality machinery and an attention to detail second-to-none.

Each handcrafted wooden picture frame is a unique piece of timber, as each being from nature is a piece of art in itself. For example, at the image below you can see Native Australian Victorian Ash Timber Frames. These frames are made from beautiful Australian Tasmanian Oak and have a very light lacquer to best show their natural grain and texture. As a natural timber, they can have a strong colour variation from frame to frame and can include markings like knots and grains from the tree. These are not imperfections as such, but more like a unique piece of art.

Wooden Frames

This image features our Elegant Deluxe Tassie Oak Timber Frame

What makes our wooden frames special?

Profile Australia timber picture frames are all sustainably sourced from plantation timbers. The raw material and timber we us is environmentally friendly and produced using sustainably methods and practices. 

Every picture frame is then handcrafted and made here in Australia. We carefully select the best materials and our skilled craftsmen use premium machinery to work their magic and produce the premium quality across all of our products.

This quality craftsmanship and attention to detail is what makes our photo frames amongst the very best to be found anywhere. When you purchase a timber photo frame or picture frame from Profile Australia you can be confident you will receive a stylish, well-made product to display your treasured photos, mementoes or pictures beautifully.

Below is a picture of one of our most popular raw timber picture frames, made from genuine Victorian Ash timber, which is native to Australia. 

Timber Frame

This image features our Victorian Ash Natural Oak Timber Frame

How to style with wooden photo frames?

Our range of timber picture frames has every décor considered from vintage country style picture frames to sleek modern photo frames, from family photograph to vintage article, so you can be assured there is a timber photo frame perfectly suited to your needs within our range.
Below is a picture of one of our contemporary solid wooden picture frames featuring a light birch timber stain finish.

Timber Frame

This image features our Elegant Deluxe Polar Birch Timber Photo Frame

And the below is a picture of one of our country collection picture frames, a uniquely textured woodgrain solid timber frame.

Timber Frame

We also make native Australian Tasmanian Oak picture frames, to offer your home a distinctive Aussie style and appeal. 

If you like any of the wooden photo frames or timber picture frames mentioned above, you can click on the links to buy these picture frames online.

All of our photo frames are all made in Australia using eco-sustainable natural timbers and feature a lifetime guarantee.

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