4 Timeless & Stylish Decorating Tips for Your Home

Timeless & Stylish Decor Tips
A timeless design endures the test of time and is flexible, yet classic enough that doesn't seem tied to any particular trend yet goes well with many of them.

Below are the four primary timeless décor tips to create a flexible and classic look in your home that will stand the test of time.

1. Stick to neutrals and basics
Neutral colours (black, white, grey, cream, beige, ivory) are timeless because they go well with any style. We recommend choosing neutral colours for walls, flooring and big pieces of furniture. For example, you can have a neutral colour sofa and add colourful pillows. This way you can change the pillow case according to the season or current trends.

neutrals and basics - Cushions on couch
neutrals and basics - Art print on wall


neutrals and basics - shelf display


Plush linen photo albums

2. The power of earthy tones
Earthy colours (natural timber, oak, cream, beige, shades of green, navy) never go out of style. They are safe and timeless choices which especially go well with greenery, coastal, Hamptons and Scandinavian looks which are popular now, so it is a win-win. Natural timber photo frames can also complement this style in any room.
 earthy tones kitchen


 earthy tones framed photo
3. Complement with Gold
Gold is a great colour to achieve a sophisticated and elevated look. By adding small pops of gold colour your look will automatically feel polished and timeless. For example, you can incorporate gold in your tapware, cutlery, handles and ornaments that can make a huge difference. A simple brass gold metal frame can add the perfect final touch for this look.
Complement with Gold - vase
Complement with Gold bathroom
Complement with Gold glass jar vase

Complement with Gold - Brass frame


4. Minimalist
As you may have heard before, less is more! A good design has visual interest but it also has space to breathe. A clean, clutter-free space is a timeless space. If you have a large empty space, we recommend placing a big piece of framed art that goes with your style. 

Minimalist wall decor

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