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Say 'I Do' to These 30+ Best Wedding Gift Ideas (2024 Edition)

Weddings are a beautiful time to celebrate the love between two people. And, as the special day of a loved one's wedding draws near, the task of finding the perfect gift to mark this momentous occasion can feel overwhelming. But there’s no need to worry, keep scrolling for some unique wedding gift ideas that will be sure to please and take the stress out of trying to find the perfect wedding present. 

Gifts for a Wedding

What is the Best Gift for a Wedding Couple?

Flowers or gift hampers are common and will always make a favourable impression as wedding presents. Or you could also just choose a gift from the couple's wedding gift registry. However, when you consider that a marriage represents a lifelong bond between two soulmates, so we'd recommend choosing a gift that can be more meaningful to the married couple and stand the test of time.

Jared Davis, the Marketing Director from Profile Australia says, "When it comes to gifting, presents like flowers or chocolates only last a few days, but a more personalised gift that represents a special moment or memory, can genuinely last a lifetime. Photo frames and wedding photo albums are perfect for this."

Wedding photo frame

Gift Ideas for a Bridal Gift Registry

If you're a bride or groom putting together a bridal gift registry for your loved ones to refer to for inspiration for your upcoming wedding, then our assortment of wedding gifts ideas below can be great additions. These gifts can make it easier for your family and friends to pick that perfect present that makes them feel like they've made a meaningful contribution towards your celebration and future life together. 

Bridal Gift Wrapped with Ribbon

Engagement Gifts for Bridal Showers & Wedding Anniversaries

Many of our suggested gifts below will not only be splendid for newlyweds but can also be perfect for other wedding related occasions as well, such as engagements, bridal showers and even a wedding anniversary.

engagement party celebration

Great Ideas for the Best Wedding Gifts

The best wedding gift celebrates the gift of love. Love can be felt when we are reminded of special memories, which can be easily made with photos taken of those moments. No wedding would be complete without photos to commemorate the special day. And these photos are memories that can last forever. 

"Our team and I have curated a unique collection of wedding gifts for newlyweds, which are designed to help reflect a deeper and more personal connection of love that you may wish to express to the married couple." says Aina Casacuberta, the Product Design Manager from Profile Australia. 

Additionally, when you are looking for a special wedding anniversary gift for the couple who has everything, then personalised gifts that focus on memories and experiences can definitely be the best gifts.  

Our assortment of wedding gift ideas for couples below includes customised photo frames, beautiful wedding photo albums and lifelong keepsakes that can be personalised to suit any style, taste or budget. 

So, to make your search easier, here's our Top 30+ best wedding couple gift ideas that will not only bring a smile to their faces but also help capture their favourite memories to enjoy for years to come. 

Wedding photo frame

1. Lace Wedding Photo Album

Every bride and groom will have photos of their special day that they will want to present, preserve and share. Thus, a wedding photo album can make the perfect practical and meaningful gift! 

This luxurious Lace Wedding Photo Album features a delicate fabric lace textured cover and is available in either a slip-in pocket style photo album or a drymount style photo album.

This timeless and classic album features pages that are made using 180gsm heavy, premium acid-free paper and designed using high-quality materials for safely storing and displaying the wedding photos.

What also makes this photo album unique is the window inside the front cover which allows you to display a favourite photo from the special day. Also, this lace wedding photo album comes with an additional storage box to both present and protect your photo album.

Wedding photo album

2. Wedding Guest Book

This could be an idea of a pre-wedding gift for an engaged couple. A wedding Guest Book is a great way for family and friends to be remembered as an important part of the wedding day by adding their names and thoughts to this timeless luxurious Linen Guest Book. It's truly something to keep and look back for the years to come. 

Ideal for ‘soonlyweds’, this elegantly presented fabric linen guestbook features a debossed gold foil design with the word "guests" stamped in reflective gold typography. And includes 100 cream unlined writable pages for guests to record their names and thoughtful messages of love and encouragement, creating a memento for precious memories. 

Guests Book

3. Moda Wedding Photo Album

This elegant Moda White "Wedding" Photo Album features a delicate white padded vinyl cover decorated with the word "Wedding" embossed on the cover in a reflective silver foil.

Available as a drymount style photo album, this stylish, yet timeless wedding photo album is made using high-quality materials to protect those precious wedding photos for years to come. 

Wedding photo album

4. "Wedding" Occasion Photo Frame

These simple, white Occasion Photo Frames include an acid-free matboard to display a 4x6" wedding photo. They also feature a special printed metallic silver word to suit the occasion. In this case the word 'Wedding', which makes the photo frame perfectly match the special occasion.

This Gift Occasion Frames Collection also offers other printed metallic words such as 'Engagement, 'Anniversary', 'Love', 'Family' and many more. Perfect gifts for wedding anniversaries and engagement parties.

These elegant photo frames are excellent for gifting and sharing your precious moments and memories with your loved ones as you will find a frame for each occasion.

Each special occasion frame can also be paired perfectly with matching memory keepsake boxes as well. 

Occasion Wedding Photo Frame

5. Wedding Memory Keepsake Box

These wonderful Wedding Memory Keepsake Boxes could be another option as an engagement gift or a present for the special day. Made from solid wood, these white storage boxes are excellent for holding those treasured keepsakes, objects and mementoes from the wedding day. For example, ribbons, name tags, pens, wedding cake ornaments, and more.

These wooden keepsake boxes are available in either plain white,or labeled with a metallic silver reflective foil with the following word options of either "Wedding", "Engagement" or "Love". 

The lid of each memory keepsake box also features a window where you can insert and display your favourite 4x6inch wedding photo and personalise the box.

Finished in a smooth matte white finish inside and out, each solid wood wedding keepsake box is made to last a lifetime, using eco-sustainable timber and a metal hinges and clasp for securing then lid. 

Keepsake Box

6. Glamour Wedding Photo Album

This collection of Glamour photo albums come in a range of different colours including white, silver or black. The front cover of each Glamour photo album features the word PHOTOS subtly printed and embossed in silver foil. Each photo album features a durable, padded vinyl cover with a smooth texture, providing a safe home for all those wedding photo memories.

This collection of Glamour photo albums is available in a slip-in pocket style photo album with a capacity for up to 500 photos - perfect for a complete collection of wedding photos. The smaller 200 and 300 capacity photo albums also include a memo writing area useful for noting down messages of the wedding day! 

Wedding photo album

7. Gallery Photo Wall of Wedding Photos

The most important day in a couple's life is definitely worth framing and showcasing on a wall. A photo gallery wall is the ultimate way to display a collection of favourite photos and moments from a wedding day.

To make it easy, you can buy complete gallery photo wall frame sets that already include everything you need to create your own designer styled display, ready to hang. There are a variety of sets available that can display different arrangements of photo frames, allowing you the flexibility to choose the configuration that best suits your wall and your style. 

The example below features an appealing arrangement of eight wedding photos in the popular Polar Birch Gallery Wall Frame Set E which includes photo frames in two different sizes; 10x12in (25x30cm) and 12x16in (30x40cm) frames.

A Gallery Photo Wall Frame Set like this can be a gift that will bring happiness and joy for years to come. 

Gallery wall frame set

8. Display Wedding Photo Album

Display Photo Albums are a contemporary new concept of photo album, which is a coffee table book style photo album. These stylish photo albums are in a shape of a box that is kept closed using invisible magnets, which make them the perfect home decor addition to your coffee table. These display photo albums are covered with a high-quality linen fabric and feature a snap-ring binding to hold the removable and replaceable black photo pages. These photo albums are available in either a slip-in or drymount pages format.

There are three different designs available: 'Moments', 'A True Love Story' and 'The Story of You'. The image below features the 'A True Love Story' Slip-in Display Photo Album, which is perfect for wedding photos.

If you want to learn more about popular and unique display photo albums you can read our blog: 'Display photo albums - a new coffee table book-style of photo album'. 

Wedding photo album

9. Collage Timber Photo Frame

Similar to the popular Gallery Photo Wall Frame Sets, these multi-window Collage Photo Frames can also help you showcase multiple photos of the special day and are simple and easy to fit and hang.

Multi collage photo frames come in many different styles and arrangements. Some can be more geometric or some asymmetrical, but there's sure to be an option to suit every style and taste.

For example, the image below features three photos of a newly married couple in an Elegant White Collage Photo Frame that is suitable to display three photos.

To learn more about collage photo frames you can also read our blog: '8 Reasons Why People Love Collage Photo Frames'. 

Collage frame

10. Designer Photo Album

This Orchid Noir Photo Album from the Designer Photo Album Collection features a delicate floral printed cover, inspired by the orchid flower which is associated with love, beauty and fertility. The perfect theme for a meaningful wedding present for couples getting married. 

This elegant photo album comes in a slip-in pocket style format and is presented in a durable laminated paper cover providing a safe home for all those wedding photo memories. It is also available in two different sizes and storage capacities to best suit your needs.

Designer photo album

11. Collage Metal Photo Frame

Following the concept above, you can also find Multi Window Collage Metal Photo Frames. These contemporary solid metal frames come in an assortment of different configurations, colours and finishes, with a plush velvet backing. They can be displayed in either a table-top, self-standing format, or alternatively they can also be hung on a wall. Perfect for wedding photos of the happy couple! A collage frame is also a superb way of displaying those favourite honeymoon holiday photos as well! 

The photo example below shows the beautiful wedding photos arranged in an Eternal White/Rose Gold Collage Three Photo Frame which features three metal photo frames bonded together in a rigid format to create an eye-catching arrangement which could be displayed on a table, shelf or desk. 

Metal Collage Frame

12. Fabric Covered Wedding Photo Album

This luxurious Plush Linen Photo Album Collection features a high-quality linen fabric cover in a range of colours including earthy and natural tones to beta match your wedding theme. If you’re looking for a contemporary touch to storing those precious wedding photo memories, then these stylish photo albums are perfect. 

These textured, linen covered photo albums are available in two different size options in a slip-in pocket style format, making it easy to sort and protect all your 6x4 inch wedding photos. 

Fabric Cloth Photo Album

13. Regal Premium Wedding Photo Album

This traditional and timeless style of leather feel photo albums is popular with professional wedding photographers. If you are looking for a premium photo album which is renown for its superior quality and finish, then this Regal Photo Album checks all the boxes.
This luxurious photo album features a black leather-style cover with a hardcase sleeve box to keep the album safely stored for the years to come. 

This photo album comes in a wide variety of different sizes and formats including either slip-in or drymount styles. This provides the flexibility to build a collection of family photos from all your special life events, starting with those treasured photos from your wedding day.

Photo Album

14. Wedding Wishing Well

Wishing Well Card Boxes are popular for weddings and can be ideal as either an engagement gift or pre-wedding gift for the bride and groom. These wishing well card boxes allow wedding guests to insert letters, notes and cards with wishes of love and happiness. These special wedding card boxes look beautiful when placed near the entrance of the event. Some couples even keep them as a home decor item to help preserve their special memories from their big day. 

Wishing Well

15. Large Wedding Photo Picture Frame

A larger sized picture or poster frame can be a great way to showcase a wedding photo as a feature displayed on a wall such as a living room or a bedroom. This can be the perfect gift for newlyweds who are about to move into their first home together. 

A beautifully framed wedding photo of the married couple enlarged to a poster format can become a prominent piece that makes a new house immediately feel like a home. A meaningful gift like this can also be perfect for a wedding anniversary. 

A simple Poster Frame for a wedding photo can make the perfect marriage gift and come in a variety colours and styles, such as Black, White, and Natural Timber.

The example below features an iconic, large format wedding photo in a Classic White Timber Poster Picture Frame. Featuring a smooth matte white finish, made in Australia using the finest quality of eco-sustainable materials.

Classic Poster Frame

16. Elegant Timber Photo Frame

Transform a favourite moment into a timeless masterpiece by framing a photo from the special day. A simple but classic option as a wedding gift, an Elegant Deluxe Photo Frames can accommodate a wedding photo in a variety of size options to suit any location, style and decor. 

These solid timber photo frames are carefully handcrafted and proudly made in Australia using the finest eco-sustainable materials. Available in a variety of finishes, such as Black, White, and Natural Timber, there is a colour to suit any taste.

The example below features a wedding portrait in an Elegant Deluxe Victorian Ash Natural Oak Timber Picture Frame.

Timber Photo Frame

17. Luxury Soap Gift Sets

Pamper the "just-married" couple with this gorgeous assortment of luxury body & bath soap and hand cream set from The English Soap Company. Made in the UK, this is luxurious body & bath collection surely be enjoyed by the married couple during their honeymoon. Wrapped in this beautifully designed packaging makes the perfect gift for someone special. The English Soap Company soap bars are enriched with shea butter to create a nourishing and moisturising experience. 

18. Eternal Metal Photo Frame

A stylish and timeless way to display a small wedding photo is in a contemporary metal photo frame. These Eternal Metal Frames are available in different classic and refined colour combinations, including champagne, silver, white and black with subtle accents of polished metal trim along the inside and outside edge of the photo frame.

These compact metal frames not only make a memorable wedding gift, but are also the perfect addition to any home decor. These can be displayed on a night table, a shelf or wall unit. They can also be hung on a wall. 

The image example below, features both the eternal white/rose gold metal photo frame and the eternal white/silver metal photo frame. You can also mix and match multiple frames in different sizes create your own attractive photo display of wedding moments and memories. 

Metal Photo Frame
Also, the individual, smaller-sized Eternal Metal Photo Frames can also be ideal to use as table numbers for wedding guests at the reception. 

19. Habitat Metal Photo Frame

This collection of Habitat Solid Metal Photo Frames features a refined, sophisticated narrow rounded design with a shiny mirror finish. Available in either gold, silver or black. these polished metal frames can be displayed to stand either portrait or landscape and supplied with a black velour easel, with easy access to insert your wedding photo memories.

The image example below features different sized Habitat Black Metal Photo Frames with beautiful wedding portraits. You can also mix and match multiple sizes in this sophisticated range to create your own unique photo display.

Metal Photo Frames

20. Designer Metal Photo Frames

This extensive collection of high-quality, curated metal photo frames has been hand-selected by our in-house designers and includes a variety of distinctive styles such as modern, contemporary, traditional, ornate, decorative, vintage and more. You are sure the find the perfect designer photo frame for the couple soon getting married! Any of these unique and gorgeous designer frames are sure to enhance your wedding photos as well as your décor. The image below features a Romance Silver Metal Photo Frame.

Metal Photo Frame

The example image below features a Noble White Rose Gold Metal Photo Frame. The metal photo frame features a soft, matte white finish which is adorned with a delicate, beaded rose gold dotted accent, embossed along the outside edges of the face of the frame. What better way to display a close-up photo of the married couple on their wedding day!

Metal Frame

21. Marriage Certificate Picture Frame

Every wedding has a marriage certificate to represent the bond of love between two people. Rather than hide your Marriage Certificate in a drawer, commemorate it in the perfect certificate picture frame. Display your commitment to one another proudly as something to remember to your day. Certificate frames can come in all shapes, sizes and formats. Finishes could include timber, black, and even timeless silver and golds. These certificate frames are also proudly made in Australia using the finest quality of eco-sustainable materials.

Photo Frame

22. Panoramic Wedding Photo Frame

This popular range of Panoramic Photo Frames feature wide ratio window, suitable for an iconic landscape photo. The wide frames are perfect to display a featured wedding photo of the happy couple, or even a photo with all the guests, friends and family. Perhaps even a panoramic view of your wedding venue, or from your honeymoon holiday destination!

These Panoramic photo frames are all made in Australia and include a professional white, acid-free matboard to help enhance the overall balance and aesthetic of the photo.

This image below shows a wedding photo of the bride & groom in a Panoramic Matt Black Timber Photo Frame. Made from solid timber and featuring a smooth matte black finish, this picture frame is made in Australia using the finest quality of materials which are ethically sourced and sustainable.

Panoramic Photo Frame


23. Vintage Mirror Photo Frame 

This beautiful Etoile Champagne Beaded Mirror Photo Frame is inspired in the antique style of Art Deco. It features beveled glass mirror paneling across the front and is adorned with an elegant beading detail along the frame edging. These vintage styled mirror frames are carefully hand made using the finest quality glass and materials making it perfect to display precious wedding memories for years to come. 

Metal Photo Frame

24. Acrylic Photo Block Display Frames

These modern, Acrylic Photo Frames are made using the highest quality crystal clear acrylic Perspex, which is held together by magnets. These Newtown minimalistic photo blocks are both timeless and versatile. Designed to suit to any modern and contemporary home, these acrylic photo block frames can stand either portrait or landscape and can also display double-sided photos. A great way to display a collection of wedding photos. The example below demonstrates some wedding photos in a display frame set of 5 acrylic photo block frames.

Acrylic Photo Frames
Additionally, the individual, smaller-sized Newtown acrylic photo blocks are also perfect to use for table numbers for wedding guests at the reception. 

25. Luxury Scented Candles

These luxurious candles are the perfect gift to add ambiance to every home, especially for a newlyweds moving together these scented candles will help them make their house feel like home, creating a relaxation and calm atmosphere.  These elegant candles can also be ideal to have burning during the wedding reception, creating a magical look and wonderful fragrance throughout the event. These high-quality soy wax scented candles are also hand made in the UK using long lasting fragrances. 

26. Large Capacity Wedding Photo Album

This beautiful, modem-classic "A Collection of Moments" Large Slip-In Photo Album features a timeless natural woven linen fabric cover which is lightly textured with the words embossed with a reflective gold foil on the cover giving an elegant feel. Absolutely perfect for storing and displaying wedding photos, this large capacity slip-in photo album can store up to 500 photos and is made using premium acid-free materials to protect and display your precious wedding moments.

Photo Album

27. Italian Marquetry Veneer Picture Frame

This premium collection of Italian Marquetry Veneer Photo Frames is very unique because the frame timber is traditionally handcrafted by Italian artisans that have refined the production of inlaid furniture for hundreds of years. They only use the finest timbers and meticulous methods of hand crafting that require patience and precision. Thes frames are not only perfect for a special wedding photo, but possibly also a written letter or message from a loved one. 

This unique collection of beautiful frames comes in a variety of different styles and timbers. The example below features the Luce Veneer Picture Frame featuring natural oak marquetry, displaying a wedding photo of the married couple in love. 

Timber Frame

28. Mini Pocket-Sized Wedding Photo Albums

This collection of Leatherette Bragbook pocket photo wallets are perfect to store your mini collection of wedding photos in style. These compact pocket albums feature a sturdy, leather textured cover and a matching elastic strap to keep the album closed.
These are perfect to store your treasured wedding memories in a compact way, easy to keep or take anywhere. Photo wallets perfectly fit into any handbag, on your desk, in a drawer or on your coffee table.
They come in wide range of colours and also a few of different size options from 4x6inch, to 5x7inches and even 6x8 inches. For example, the example below features the popular Citi-Leather White Slip-In Wallet - ideal for a wedding themed gift. 

29. Luxury Gift Soaps

This beautiful collection of Luxury Gift Soaps can make the ideal wedding favours. Made by The English Soap Company in the UK, they come wrapped in a beautifully designed gift packaging and will make the perfect gift for wedding guests.
The English Soap Company soaps are enriched with shea butter to create a nourishing and moisturising soap bar suitable for all skin types.
Miniature luxury gift soaps

30. Bevel Mirror Photo Frame

This beautiful Mirror Glass Frame features an Art Deco inspired paneling with delicately beveled edges. This stylish glass mirror frame is carefully handmade using the finest quality glass materials which give a luxurious look. It's a timeless photo frame that will suit any style, decor or home. Just perfect for a captured moment of the married couple from their special day!

Mirror Frame

31. Insta-Square Collage Wedding Photo Frame

This Square Collage Photo Frame is designed to easily frame your favourite wedding Instagram photos. Collage photo frames are perfect way to showcase a collection of wedding moments help tell the story about that special day. As displayed below, this unique multi-window Insta-Square collage photo frame features a smooth matte white finish and will display nine square photos. Proudly made in Australia to last a lifetime, using the finest quality eco-sustainable materials. 

Collage photo frame

In conclusion, when searching for that special wedding present for friends and loved ones, give a gift that keeps on giving. Photo albums and photo frame make meaningful wedding gifts and a memorable way to show the newlyweds how much you care.

Whether it’s a traditional gift or something more personalised, there is something out there for everyone. No matter what you choose, your wedding gift will be sure to help the bride and groom cherish their special day in years to come. So, why not choose something that captures the love between them and helps them remember this important milestone for the rest of their lives.

Shop the Best Wedding Gifts with Meaning for Married Couples

Explore the wonderful collection of wedding gift ideas from Profile Australia. We have a wide range of quality Wedding Gifts, from photo frames, to photo albums and more. Celebrate love with a special gift that lasts a lifetime.

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Authors: This article was written by Jared Davis & Aina Casacuberta 

Jared Davis is a Sales and Marketing Director for Profile Australia and also a published author, writer and educator. 

Aina Casacuberta is a graphic design expert and the Lead Product Designer for Profile Australia.