How to Use a Photo Tape Runner for Attaching Photos to Drymount Photo Albums

How to Use a Photo Tape Runner for Attaching Photos to Drymount Photo Albums

Someone holding a photo tape runnerHow to Use a Photo Tape Runner for Attaching Photos to Drymount Photo Albums

The Profile Photo Tape Runner is a hand-held applicator for applying double-sided tape, which is simple, quick and easy to use. Just use the applicator to roll a 1cm to 2cm strip of adhesive onto the back of a photograph or onto a page. Apply a tab adhesive tape at each corner and also the center of the photo. Then, place the photo where you wish to position it, onto the photo album pages and slightly press.

Strip of Photo Tape Applied onto cardboard by Photo Tape Runner

For a larger sized enlargement photos such as 5x7inches or bigger, we would recommend that you tape around the entire photo edge and a small tab in the middle. Position the adhesive close to the edge of the photo.

The adhesive tape can be suitable for heavier or thicker cardboard and items.

The high-quality adhesive will also allow you to lift and remove or reposition your photo within a few hours and it will not damage your photo album page or your photo.

However, the adhesive will create a more permanent bond after a few hours, so this adhesive tape would not be recommended if you might want to remove this photo in the future, such as for scanning, etc.

Tape Runner

Here is a helpful demo video we've made below showing you how to use Profile Photo Tape Runner for mounting photos in your drymount photo album:

Over time the adhesive will cure and create a permanent bond securely holding your items in place and won't degrade. The adhesive has been formally P.A.T. tested by a scientific laboratory and classified to be photo safe for long term storage of photographic materials.

Learn more about What is a P.A.T test and Why is it Important for Photos

Profile Photo Tape Runner is perfect for a variety of applications. You can use it to hold photos in place for picture framing, stick photos into scrapbooks, mounting postcards, personalise gifts, school projects, art and crafts and more.

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