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How to Use Photo Splits for Attaching Photos to Drymount Photo Albums

How to Use Photo Splits for Attaching Photos to Drymount Photo Albums

Profile Adhesive Photo Splits (also called Photo Tabs or Photo Stickers) are double-sided, self-adhesive stickers which make it easy to attach and mount your photos into your drymount photo album.

Photo Splits

Simply stick the Photo Splits onto the rear corners of your photo print. Peel off the release paper, and adhere your photos onto the page in your album or book.

Photo Splits

Profile Adhesive Photo Splits come packaged a convenient roll dispenser - just pull the release paper of the roll to dispense the next split, ready to use. 

Photo Splits

Here is a helpful demo video we've made below showing you how to use Profile Photo Splits for mounting photos in your drymount photo album:


Both archival and photo-safe, these clear pressure-sensitive Profile Photo Splits can also be used for a variety of applications using different materials such as paper, cardboard, vinyl and more. They have also been formally P.A.T. tested by a scientific laboratory and classified to be photo safe for long term storage of photographic materials.

Creative Inspiration for Drymount Photo Albums

Drymount photo albums offer limitless opportunities for creativity to arrange and preserve your photos in an organised way.

This infographic below may help provide some inspiration and to give you some ideas on how to arrange the photos into your dry mount photo album pages using photo splits. We hope this encourages you to start your own project!

Photo Album Layout Ideas Infographic

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