Picture Framing Infographics Library

Picture Framing Infographics Library

In this digital age where visuals are consumed faster than ever before, the power of a diagram or picture cannot be underestimated. That's why we've created this Picture Framing Infographics Library – your one-stop resource for all things related to framing.

From understanding different types of matboards to learning about the structure of picture frames or getting inspiration for gallery wall arrangements, our infographics library is packed with valuable insights that will help you make informed decisions and showcase your information in the best possible way.

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Common frame sizes infographic

This helpful infographic below helps to demonstrate the relative scale of common frame sizes to help you visualise how the artwork will look like compared to a 320cm sofa or a 170cm model. 
Wall art size guide

What's inside a framed decorator art print infographic

This interesting infographic below helps to describe the contents of what's inside a typical picture frame or photo frame from Profile Australia and how the elements are placed in correlative order.
Picture Frame Structure

Common Frame Sizes Infographic

This exploded frame infographic below helps to describe the contents of what's inside a framed decorator wall art print from Profile Australia and how the elements are placed in correlative order.
Wall Art Frame Structure

What is a mat board infographic

This infographic below helps to explain the concept of a matboard border, which can go inside a picture frame. It also describes the types of matboard available at Profile Australia. 
What is a matboard

Gallery photo wall frame arrangements ideas infographic

This infographic below helps to demonstrate a variety of appealing wall display options for a salon hang, gallery wall using photo frames. Some of these wall display options are available as a gallery set at Profile Australia. 

Gallery Wall Frame Set Arrangements

What to consider when choosing your picture frame?

This infographic below lists a few important aspects to consider when choosing a picture frame, from the type of artwork being framed to the quality materials of the frame or the style of the room where the artwork will be displayed. 
Choosing a picture frame infographic

What to consider when hanging your picture frame?

This infographic below helps understand different aspects to consider when finding the optimal space where to hang your picture frame. Generally speaking, the center of the frame should be just below the eye level. Follow these tips to arrange multiple frames together as a gallery display.  
Best place to hang a picture frame infographic

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