Collection of Kew Gardens Liquid Washes and Bar Soaps

Choosing Between Bar Soap or Liquid Soap?

Choosing Between Bar Soap or Liquid Soap?

Do you prefer dispensing a pearl of liquid hand wash that transforms into a luxurious lather? Or do you enjoy the look and feel of a solid bar of creamy soap? 

Profile Australia has recently introduced new collections of liquid hand washes & body washes from The English Soap Company. So, this feels like the perfect time to explore liquid soap or bar soap.

To help you decide which is soap right for you, we’ve taken a look at both the main benefits and the formulation of both bar and liquid soap.

Liquid Body Wash Soap

Benefits of Liquid and Soap Bars

Bar soap and liquid soap both have their benefits, but ultimately the choice comes down to personal preference. Hand soap bars are often more affordable than liquid soaps and they can last longer. They also come in a variety of scents and textures, making it easy to find one that suits your needs.

On the other hand, liquid soap is convenient for those who prefer pump dispensers or have mobility issues that make handling bar soap difficult. Liquid soaps also tend to be less messy and can be easier to use when washing dishes or cleaning surfaces.

In terms of hygiene, both types of soap are effective at removing bacteria and dirt from your skin. However, some people believe that bar soaps may harbor bacteria if not stored properly between uses. This can be avoided by using a clean soap dish or letting the bar dry completely after each use. Ultimately, whether you choose bar or liquid soap depends on your personal preferences and needs.

How is your Liquid Soap made vs. Bar Soap?

Soap is made from combining a fat or oil with an alkali substance, producing lye. This produces a molecular reaction called saponification. In bar soapmaking, lye used is typically sodium hydroxide, and in liquid soap, it tends to be potassium hydroxide. This allows the end product to be more water-soluble. The lye is transformed via saponification, so that there’s very little or none of it left in its pure form in the final product.


Which Type of Soap is More Softening?

Both our bar and liquid soaps from The English Soap Company are scented with beautifully crafted fragrances and benefit from added softening ingredients to ensure that your hand and skin feel cared for.

Hand soap

Bar soaps from The English Soap Company are enhanced with rich shea butter, which deeply moisturises and protects the skin.

Studies conducted by the National Library of Medicine also confirm that shea butter possesses potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties make shea butter an ideal ingredient for promoting healthy and nourished skin.

Our Kew Gardens Hand Washes from The English Soap Company also contain vitamin E and aloe vera, to leave your hands feeling pampered, nourished, and clean.

Another study also conducted by The National Library of Medicine revealed that Vitamin E acts as an effective scavenger for free radicals, protecting the skin cells from the harmful effects of UV radiation, pollution, and other factors that can damage cells.

What Soap Should I use for Shared or Public Spaces?

This can depend on individual preference, and also where the soap will be placed. Experts state that a solid bar of hand soap is equally as hygienic as a liquid hand wash, once lathered.

For the hospitality industry, there has been a growing demand for liquid hand washes, because public they're perceived by the public as more hygienic, making people feel more comfortable. The liquid hand washes developed by The English Soap Company have had this in mind, not only making their pump action soap dispensers ultra hygienic, but they look also striking on the sink and are delightful to use.

Soap Bar

Alternatively, when it comes to domestic environments such as busy homes, it can depend once again on personal preference. Some people prefer a solid bar hand soap for personal bathrooms, but for a guest bathroom the convenience of a pump-action bottle for a hand wash or shower gel may be preferred.

Liquid Soap

Is the Packaging Eco Conscious?

When it comes to choosing between bar soap and liquid soap, the environmental impact is an important factor to consider.

One of the benefits of choosing a bar soap is that they come in minimal packaging and have a lower carbon footprint due to their smaller size. Additionally, hand bar soaps typically last longer than liquid soaps, reducing the amount of waste produced. The English Soap Company bar saps only come with a paper wrap to keep it safe, which is sustainable and makes them then obvious eco-friendly choice.

When it comes to bottle for liquid hand washes and shower gels, The English Soap Company has consciously developed their packaging using special amber-hued post-consumer resin (PCR). The benefit of this packaging is that can also be recycled again! PCR is made from a mix of previously recycled plastics and is the best sustainable alternative to using virgin plastic.

The labels for The English Soap Company Hand & Body Wash Collections have been designed by our in-house illustrator. The Key Gardens range was also inspired by the plants featured in the gardens at Kew in London, in the style of their heritage, botanical illustrations. These generously portioned 500ml bottles look beautiful when displayed in any bathroom or ensuite, making step of handwashing feel like a luxurious treat.

Ultimately, whether you choose bar soap or liquid soap depends on your personal preferences and priorities. If you prioritize sustainability and minimising waste, bar soap may be the better option for you. If you prefer the convenience or feel of using liquid soap but still want to minimise your environmental impact, then the liquid soap ranges from The Engllish Soap Company will meet these criteria. 

Kew Gardens Hand Wash

There are 17 exquisite fragrances in our Kew Gardens Collection, and we now have a new liquid hand washes to match each one. Each 500ml liquid hand wash is SLS and paraben-free, because while we want our hands to be scrupulously clean, we don’t want to use harsh ingredients that may irritate the skin.

Liquid Soap Collection

Anniversary Collection Hand & Body Wash

Our latest expansion of our Anniversary Collection now also includes a hand and body wash in 7 exquisite fragrances. These are made using a new style of labels made from a special wood based raw material which is 100% renewable called Forest Film. Forest Film is an ISCC certified (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) film which is produced using sustainable resources.

Anniversary Liquid Hand Wash Soap Group

As always, all luxury skincare products from The English Soap Company are cruelty-free and made in the UK.

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