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4 Great Ways to Display Your Best Instagram Photos

Layout of instagram photos

Instagram is a social networking phenomenon that has taking the photo industry by storm. As of 2022, Instagram reported they had over 1.2 billion users, and over 1,000 photos are uploaded every second!

However, and interesting dilemma facing many Instagram users is how to get the most from your favorite Instagram photos, beyond just sharing them on social media?

The solution is simple - Take your iconic and favorite Instagram photos "off your phone and into your home", by printing and displaying them. 

So, we have collated some creative display solutions for your favourite printed Instagram photos:

Printing your Instagram Photos

Firstly, some of you may not know how to get your Instagram photos from your phone and onto a printer. There are numerous photo retailers that now print in square sizes. We recommend professional quality photo retailers like Camera House, Ted's Cameras or Harvey Norman who can print square shaped photos for you to a high standard. 

Display Options for Instagram Photo Prints

Once you have successfully printed your square-shaped Instagram photos, there are a variety of ways you can creatively display your photos. You can either display them in a photo album such as a drymount photo album.

Display Option 1 - Drymount Photo Album

The first option is to use a traditional style photo album which is referred to as a Drymount photo album. This type of photo album includes pages which are blank and allow for flexible positioning and mounting of your photos. A drymount photo album should also feature glassine interleaving between each page to separate each page and protect your photos.

Below is an image which shows an Instagram photo print mounted to a drymount photo album page.

In the example below, the printed Instagram photo has been placed into a Profile Regal Drymount photo album

drymount album with photos

The benefits of using a drymount photo album to store and display your Instagram photos are:

  • Allows for flexible positioning of your photos
  • You can insert multiple photos onto the same page
  • Photos can be a variety of sizes, including square enlargement sizes such as 5x5 inch, 6x6 inch, 7x7 inch, 8x8 inch and 10x10 inch respectively
  • You can also enhance your photo album page with memento's such as tickets, ribbons or alternatively use a special pen to record memo's about the photo or draw decorations around your photos

Display Option 2 - Square Photo Frames

If you want your photos and memories displayed in a more prominent or fixed location then we suggest framing your square shaped Instagram pictures in a square photo frame.

Chestnut Brown Square Insta Photo Framed on Wall

Profile Australia offers a wide variety of deluxe square photo frames such as black frames, white frames and natural timber square frames, which also come in different sizes. You can also get popular square shadow box frames, which can also be ideal for a more dramatic look. 

Display Option 3 - Insta-Square Collage Photo Frames

Bring your favourite collection of Instagram photos to life with a unique square multi-window Insta-square collage photo frame.

Insta-Square collage photo frame on wall

This popular collection of Insta-Square Collage Photo Frames features square multi-opening windows to create eye-catching, creative and fun photo arrangements of your favourite Instagram style photo memories.

These unique designer multi window square frames are ideal for displaying photos for your holidays, family moments, birthdays and other special life events. You can mix and match photos to create a curated collection of moments and memories you can enjoy for a lifetime. These fun, square picture frames are also available in many different options, colours and sizes to suit your style!

Display Option 4 - Gallery Photo Wall Frame Display

Another great way to display your a collection of square Instagram photos is to create a gallery photo wall or picture wall display designed for multiple  Instagram pictures such as this example below, using square black frames below: 

Gallery Wall Frame Display

If you have taken the trouble to print your square photos in larger sizes, then we recommend displaying them in a quality square photo frame.

We are also big fans of creating photo frame wall collage displays. These types of wall displays enhance your interior décor and can tell wonderful pictorial stories of your travel journeys, your relationship, your children growing up or perhaps your extended family.

Gallery Wall Display

We have also created a special 'Instagram inspired' gallery photo wall frame set, which is available in a range of square photo frame style options, including Black frames, White frames, Polar Birch, Stone Ash and Chestnut Timbers. See our white square frame gallery photo wall set demonstrated below: 

Instagram inspired gallery photo wall frame set display

For more inspiration for displaying Instagram photos in Square Frame Collage Photo Wall Displays like this - read our other blog:

If you would like some creative inspiration for some picture frame collage wall display ideas, please visit our Pinterest page

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