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8 Reasons Why People Love Collage Photo Frames

Everyone has a collection of favourite photos, picture and memories stored on their phones, cameras and other devices. These pictures and memories be printed and proudly displayed on a wall in an elegant and artistic way using multi photo frames. Multi window collage frames come in dozens of different styles and configurations to suit every type of style and home. There’s plenty of reasons why multi photo frames are so popular, and we’ve put together the top eight reasons why people love choosing a collage photo frame.

1. Display a Large Collection of Photos in One Frame

When it comes to telling your story, sometimes one photo is just not enough! This is why using a picture frame that offers multiple windows for showing several photos can be the perfect choice for displaying your pictures. For example, the photo below shows a 16x20inch and 20x24inch from our popular collection of Decorator Natural Oak Gallery Collage Photo Frames.

Collage Frames on wall

2. Collage Frames Help Tell a Story

They say a picture says a thousand words. So, using multiple pictures and photos is going to be the best way to tell your story, with a multi photo frame display. For example, you could tell your story about your favourite holiday travels, using photos that that show the sights, landmarks and scenery of your adventures!

This example below is our popular 12x12inch Decorator White Insta Square Collage Photo Frame which holds nine square photos. 

Collage Photo Frame

A multi photo collage frame could also become a storyboard frame, which shows photos from a personal timeline. Whether it be your family photos, your travels or even just your favourite memories, a multi picture photo frame can be the best way to display your most memorable moments.

For example, this large 20x30inch Decorator Natural Oak Gallery Collage Photo Frame is ideal for your favourite family memories.

Collage Frame

3. Great Solution for Multiple Portraits

A multi photo collage frame can also help visually tie together a series of pictures or portraits, so that they all belong together, rather than looking detached in separate photo frames. For example, family photos of children, siblings, or even a combination of “son, father and grandfather” in the same frame can make a great display in a collage picture frame.

This Elegant Deluxe Stone Ash Gallery Collage Timber Photo Frame below is ideal for holding three photos and can be hang portrait or landscape. 

Collage Frame

4. Collage Frames are Minimal to Display

If have a large collection of photos that you want to display without making your wall seem cluttered with too many picture frames, then a more minimal framing option is to use a multi photo frame. You could even create a feature wall display using multiple collage photo frames, without the risk of making your space feel too cluttered. Collage frames also take the guesswork out of image and frame arrangement, as they come in an appealing choice of eye-pleasing designs.

This example below is our popular Elegant Deluxe White Gallery Collage Photo Frame which only takes up a wall space of 40x40cm.  

Family Photos in a Square Collage Frame

5. Easy to Change & Switch Out Photos

Compared to hanging multiple picture frames, a single collage photo frame is quicker and easier to fit, swap or change out photos rather than having to open and fit several different frames.

Adding photos into a collage frame

6. Collage Frames are Easier to Hang

Multi-photo frames can also be much easier to hang compared to having a bunch of separated picture frames to have to try to layout and hang on your wall.

For example, trying to hang a trio of photos in three separate frames can be more time-consuming and difficult to hang, compared to hanging just one, single collage frame with multiple windows to display three photos. Keep in mind, you can also hang and display collage frames either vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference and the orientation of your photos.

7. Multi Photo Frames are an Economical Alternative to Multiple Frames

Buying a bunch of separate photo frames to frame some photos can add up in cost. However, buying a single collage frame can provide the same way to display several photos, without having to spend a fortune buying a bundle of picture frames.

For example, the image below features our Elegant Deluxe Black Gallery Collage Photo Frame which holds six photos of multiple sizes. 

Collage Frame

8. Collage Photo Frames Make the Perfect Gift

When it comes to gifting, a framed collage of photos in a frame is the type of gift that can last a lifetime. Especially when the photos are family or special memories. Collage photo frame displays of kids are the best possible gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or even a loving present for the grandparents on Christmas Day!

For example, the image below features our 12x16inch Decorator Natural Oak Gallery Collage Photo Frame. This is a small frame that doesn't take much space but makes a cute little detail of joy.

Collage Frame

Buying Guide for Collage Photo Frames

Collage frames make eye-catching centerpieces and there are many ways to customise them. Here’s some tips to help you choose the right collage picture frame for your photo memories.

What Types of Collage Photo Frames Can I Choose From?

Profile offers a wide assortment of collage frame designs and styles to suit your home and décor. Whether you’re after a traditional multi-photo frame with a row of three window openings, or a stunning gallery display frame of up to 16 square openings, you can find the ideal collage picture frame to display your photos!

Collage frames

How Can I Choose a Collage Frame that will Best Suit My Pictures?

You want your multi photo frame to showcase your photos in the best way possible, for as long as possible, while also complementing your surrounding space and style. So, it’s important to choose the best quality photo frames that not only enhance your photos, but also protect them for years to come. All collage photo frames from Profile are Australian made using quality, eco-sustainable timber and come with a lifetime guarantee. The wood used in all Profile photo frames is solid timber, with high quality, acid-free matboards.

When it comes to design, here are some points to consider to best enhance the subjects of your photos:

  • Black frames can highlight the darker tones of an image whilst also providing contrast for any lighter elements. So darker stained or black timber frames work well when you have a mixture of different tones.
  • White frames also work well in a to positively lift an image and can work great on black and white photos. They also make an ideal choice for fun and casual photos too.
  • Frames with lighter wood finishes such as natural oak and stone ash perfect to complement colourful photos with prominent cool tones such as greens and blues.
  • Frames with darker timber stains such as chestnut and mocha can be ideal for highlighting photos with warmer tones such as brown, red and orange.
  • Metal frames can help enhance a pictures colour pallet, to make it more vibrant. Gold and silver are classy and sophisticated, making them timeless and ideal for framing family photos and portraits.

Collage Frames

How Do I Fit My Photos into a Collage Frame?

When it comes to inserting your photos, collage frames are the same as normal photo frames with a matboard. However, depending on the size of the windows of the matboard, you may need to trim any large photos to fit. Just use a single strip of tape along the top of each photo to align it in the window and allow it to suspend and hang, without slipping inside the frame. You can read our helpful guide for inserting photos into a frame

Where is the Best Place to Hang Collage Photo Frames?

Typically, a collage frame can make a great centerpiece or statement on a bedroom or lounge room wall. But multi photo frames don’t have to always have to be hung in main areas. A collage frame can be displayed in almost any space, such as a hallway, a foyer, an office or even the walls along a staircase. They can also be mixed and matched with other picture frames on display as well. Don’t forget that you have the choice of hanging your collage photo frame either vertically or horizontally to suit your wall space as well.

Our collection of Insta Square Collage Photo Frames come in different sizes, and ideal for any space.

Collage Frames

Where Can I Buy Australia's Best Collage Photo Frames?

Create your own gorgeous frame of memories with collage picture frames from Profile Australia. Whether you're looking for a square, Instagram styled collage frame with nine windows, or a triple window photo frame, Profile offers a specialized range of photo frames for multiple photos in different design formats to suit both your style and decor.

Collage photo frames all come a variety of colour options including white, black, light ash timber and brown chestnut timbers. Profile collage photo frames are made from quality, solid timber which is sourced from renewable plantation timbers. They are proudly made in our workshop in Sydney and come with a lifetime guarantee.

We also offer a complete range of picture frames, metal frames, poster frames and even framed wall art, so you can mix and match different frames to suit your entire home.

There’s no better way to display your world, than on your wall!

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This article was written by Jared Davis and Aina Casacuberta

Jared Davis is one of only a few qualified Master Certified Picture Framers in Australia with over 30 years of custom framing experience.

Jared is published author, writer and an industry-recognised educator who teaches classes and workshops to professional picture framers all around the world.

Aina Casacuberta is a graphic design expert and the Lead Product Designer for Profile Australia.

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