Frame to display your favourite scrapbook pages

The Perfect Frame to Display your Favourite Scrapbook Pages


Be the storyteller of your favourite memories

Scrapbooking is a crafting and documenting activity that has been popular for many years. It consist on adding photos, memorabilia or embellishments into a blank page. The purpose is to preserve especial moments and beautiful memories shared with your loved ones.

Scrapbooking is a really interesting activity that can have many benefits. When collecting all the pieces you want to add into a page, you are simultaneously organising moments of the past that are about to come memories.

As you display your pieces into a blank page, you are exercising your creativity. After creating a few pages, you become a story teller.

Each page you create can embody an event or a moment of your life and all the pages together tell your unique story from your personal experience.

Frame Your Scrapbook Pages

Scrapbook Frame


Scrapbook Frame angled


A scrapbook page could be considered a beautiful piece of art in itself. Did you know that you can actually frame your favourite scrapbook pages with our ideal shadow box scrapbook frame?

Why not frame your art and memory and hang it on your wall to share with everyone for years to come.

Available in both a black and white our shadow box scrapbook picture frames are perfect to display and preserve your favourite scrapbook pages or 3D artwork. Each 3D scrapbook picture frames holds a 12x12inch (30x30cm) image with a gap between the image and glass of 20mm approx.

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