Creative Ideas for Frames

Creative Ways to Use Photo Frames in 2024

At Profile Australia, our popular range of photo frames online are used in thousands of family homes and offices around the country, and are traditionally used for inserting photographs, certificates, awards and other photo memories.

There are other creative ways to use photo frames. Some idea’s we have discovered include this wonderful idea above.

1. A Map Border Photo Frame

Using any of our timber photo frames that feature a matboard (border around the photo) we suggest pasting a map of somewhere special you have visited that relates to the photo that you are framing.

For the perfect picture frame example below, this happy couple were married recently and they pasted a map of the town that they celebrated their wedding.

Framed Map Window

This concept could also be extended to giving a gift to parent’s of a new-born baby, with a map of the city the child was born in.
Another great example is pasting a map of the favourite city you visited on your last special holiday, with the photo frame being enhanced by a photo whilst in that favourite city or special place.

2. Wine Bottle Cork Picture Frame

Another funky photo frame idea that is creative, fun and environmentally friendly is to insert your old wine bottle corks into one of our timber shadow box photo frames. We got this idea from the guys at Addicted2Decorating.

This creates a modern version of a cork board, where you can pin photos or other important messages directly onto the corks. This is much more visually appealing than just a standard corkboard. It will also be a great talking point in any home or office! And you also have a convenient good excuse to drink lots of wine!

Framed Corks


3. Paper Cut Art Picture Frame

Another popular trend is to create 3D Paper Cut Art and place this into shadow box frames using interesting and unique designs. Our friends at Love Paper Scissors create beautiful framed art such as the one below:

Paper Art

4. Photo Wall Frame Gallery 

A framed photo wall display of family photos is another great way to bring life and love into a home.

Photo Wall Gallery Frame Display

We also offer a great range of pre-made Gallery Wall Frame Sets which come boxed with everything you need to create your own a beautiful photo wall of framed memories.

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