Photo Album Infographics Library

Photo Album Infographics Library

In this digital age where visuals are consumed faster than ever before, the power of a diagram or picture cannot be underestimated. That's why we've created this Photo Albums Infographics Library – your one-stop resource for all things related to photo albums.

From understanding different types of photo albums to getting inspiration for photo album layout ideas, our infographics library is packed with valuable insights that will help you make informed decisions and showcase your information in the best possible way.

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How many photos can I fit into a drymount photo album

This will depend on the dimensions of the drymount photo album as well as the size of the photo itself. The infographic below explains in a visual way how many 4x6" (10x15cm), 5x7" (13x18cm), 6x8" (15x20cm) or 8x10" (20x25cm) photos can fit into a medium, square or large drymount photo album.
Drymount photo album photos per page infographic

Drymount photo album layout ideas infographic

This infographic below helps to demonstrate a variety of creative and interesting photo layout options for a drymount photo album using most common photo print sizes.
Photo Album Layout Ideas

Helpful tips for creating a photo album

This infographic below helps to outline the main steps to create a timeless photo album to tell a story in a successful way for future generations to understand. From collecting and categorising your photos to selecting the appropriate photo album.
How to create a photo album infographic


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