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Looking for the perfect gift? Our exclusive range of occasion timber photo frames will capture your love!

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    We offer an exceptional range of personalised picture frames and box frames so that you can find the perfect display for your treasured memory.

    Every photo is a record of a memory — but it’s fair to say that some of those memories are more special than others. So when you want to display your favourite memories around your home or office, it’s important to have the right photo frame. Or even an alternative and unique presentation solution for something special.

    Sometimes a basic black frame, white frame or timber frame just won’t do! That’s why here at Profile Australia, we stock an exceptional range of occasional picture frames and keepsake box frames so that you can find the perfect display for your treasured memory. Many are customisable, too — so explore our range today to discover the perfect outlet for your creativity and memories. 

    Commemorating Special Occasions 

    Moments in your life like milestone birthdays, wedding anniversaries, the birth of a child, confirmations and more are all occasions to celebrate. So why not invest in a photo frame that not only provides your memory with an appropriate setting, but also commemorates the event with an elegant caption

    We understand that there can be more to keeping your memory of special occasions alive than photos, too — that’s why our range also includes a delightful selection of boxes. Whether it’s a wishing well for a wedding, or a dedicated keepsake box to share with a beloved family member, we have everything you need to ensure that you can keep your precious memories within easy reach. 

    Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone else, our picture frames, box frames and keepsake boxes are a delight. 

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    Our range of products extends well beyond photo frames, too — we offer everything to celebrate and preserve your treasured memories for a life time, such as convenient Slip-in Photo Albums and Collage Frames. We also offer a popular frame of shadow box frames which are ideal for 3D objects as well.

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