8 Expert Tips for Decorating with Black Picture Frames

When it comes to decorating your home and office, photos and artwork in black frames will always bring interest and joy to any environment.

A great way to decorate any room is to simply hang some framed artwork and photography on the walls. Framed art can help open up a space, provide inspiration and enhance the overall environment and décor. The choices are limitless as to what type of imagery you can frame, whether it be portrait photography, landscape scenes original art, awards, family photos and more.

If you’re looking for the perfect picture frame for your art or memories, then you can’t look past the timeless style of a classic black frame.

The Power of Black
A black frame can match almost any style and décor. Black is the most versatile colour. It can be dramatic, romantic, fun, serious, neutral or strong.
Black is a powerful and distinctive colour so when it comes to interior design, black works well as a strategic design accent.

From a design perspective, it's important that every room has just a little bit of black. It creates a grounding effect on the eyes that that give them a place to rest. If you have too many light colours in a room with nothing to ground them, they can almost appear to be floating, which can be confusing for the eyes. Therefore, black is an essential colour tool for any designer.

A black frame can look amazing around an artwork on any white or light coloured wall, as it provides immediate contrast, attracting the eyes for focus and attention.

So, if you’re looking to draw attention to your framed artwork, photo, or memory, then a black frame can provide the perfect accent and enhancement to achieve this.

8 Different Ways to Use Black Frames

1. You can decorate with black frames in different ways. For example, you can use a small black photo frame of a loved one on any shelf, a table or a mantle. Alternatively, you could also cluster an arrangement of different sized black photo frames together to tell a story, such as family photos or happy times together.


2. If you want to take it further, why not create a gallery wall display of an arrangement of black ready made frames onto a featured wall. This creates an attract collage of meaningful moments, memories and artworks that will always inspire. For example, you could use an assortment of popular A size frames, such as a few A3 black frames mixed with some small A4 black frames and larger A2 black frames. 


3. The useful aspect of using black as an accent is that it can unify and tie a whole lot of different pieces together that otherwise don't mesh. For example, you can put a series of photos or pieces of art together that are different styles and colours, and still make them work by putting them all in black frames. Even though they're different, they instantly become a unit, because of the consistent use of the black frames. 


4. In a similar method, you could also consider a black collage photo frame with a multi-opening collage matboard, so you can tie together an assortment of photos into the same frame, once again, to help tell a story.


5. Black frames can also be easily blended and arranged with other styles and colours of picture frames. For example, black also works with decorator styles which incorporate traditional metals such as gold, silver and pewter. Black also works great with white and bright colours as well.


6. A classic black frame with a white matboard also looks perfect with any black and white photo photography or silhouette imagery, for that sophisticated and artistic look.


7. Another ideal use of a traditional black frame with a white matboard is around iconic panoramic photos and landscape photography. 


8. A timeless black metal frame can be a distinctive touch for a framed photo on a bedside table or a shelf.


Black is Back!
So, if you’re looking to frame something to create impact, enhance an image or last a lifetime, then a black frame is always going to be classic and timeless, regardless of any future changes in home décor styles in and trends.

Where can I Find the Perfect Black Frame?
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This article was written by Jared Davis -

Jared Davis is one of only a few qualified Master Certified Picture Framers in Australia with over 30 years of custom framing experience.

Jared is published author, writer and an industry-recognised educator who teaches classes and workshops to professional picture framers all around the world.