8 Expert Tips for Decorating with Black Picture Frames

When it comes to decorating your home and office, photos and artwork in black frames will always bring interest and joy to any environment.

A great way to decorate any room is to simply hang some framed artwork and photography on the walls. Framed art can help open up a space, provide inspiration and enhance the overall environment and décor. The choices are limitless as to what type of imagery you can frame, whether it be photography, landscape scenes, original art, awards, family photos and more.

If you’re looking for the perfect picture frame for your art or memories, then you can’t look past the timeless style of a classic black frame.

Arrangement of black collage frames and photo frames on wall

The Power of Black

A black frame can match almost any style and décor. Black is the most versatile colour. It can be dramatic, romantic, fun, serious, neutral or strong.
Black is a powerful and distinctive colour so when it comes to interior design, black works well as a strategic design accent.

From a design perspective, it's important that every room has just a little bit of black. It creates a grounding effect on the eyes that that give them a place to rest. If you have too many light colours in a room with nothing to ground them, they can almost appear to be floating, which can be confusing for the eyes. Therefore, black is an essential colour tool for any designer.

A black frame can look amazing around an artwork on any white or light coloured wall, as it provides immediate contrast, attracting the eyes for focus and attention.

So, if you’re looking to draw attention to your framed artwork, photo, or memory, then a black frame can provide the perfect accent and enhancement to achieve this.

8 Different Ways to Use Black Frames

1. Cluster Different Sized Black Photo Frames Together

You can decorate with black frames in different ways. For example, one popular trend is clustering different-sized frames together. This technique can create an eye-catching and dynamic display on a wall or shelf.

To achieve this look, start by selecting a variety of frame sizes and shapes. Mix in some smaller frames for contrast with larger ones. Cluster an arrangement of different sized black photo frames together to tell a story, such as family photos or happy times together.

It's also important to consider the orientation of the photos within each frame – try mixing horizontal and vertical orientations to add visual interest.

When arranging the frames, start by laying them out on a flat surface such as a table or floor to experiment with different configurations before hanging them up. You can arrange them symmetrically for a more formal display or asymmetrically for a more eclectic feel. Don't be afraid to play around with spacing between each frame until you find the perfect balance. With these tips in mind, you'll be able to create a stunning display that showcases your favorite memories in style!

Black Picture Frames

2. Gallery Photo Wall Display of Black Frames

Another expert tip is to mix and match different sizes of black frames for an eclectic gallery photo wall, also called a salon hang. This creates visual interest and adds dimension to your decor. For an even more dramatic effect, try using oversized, black ready-made frames for a statement piece on your wall. This salon styled hang creates an attract collage of meaningful moments, memories and artworks that will always inspire.

For example, you could use an assortment of popular A size frames, such as a few A3 black frames mixed with some small A4 black frames and larger A2 black frames

Remember that when decorating with black picture frames, it's important not to overcrowd your walls with too many pieces as this can make the space feel cluttered. Instead, choose a few key pieces that really stand out and let them shine on their own in their elegant black frame.

Gallery Wall Frame Set

We've also created an infographic which demonstrates some more interesting ideas and inspirations for creating your own gallery wall frame layout, using black frames: 


Frame Gallery Photo Wall Display Ideas Infographic


3. Black Ties Different Elements Together

The useful aspect of using black as an accent is that it can unify and tie a whole lot of different pieces together that otherwise don't mesh. For example, you can put a series of photos or pieces of art together that are different styles and colours, and still make them work by putting them all in black frames. Even though they're different, they instantly become a unit, because of the consistent use of the black frames. 


4. Black Multi-Window Photo Frame

When it comes to decorating with black picture frames, one unique and eye-catching option is the black multi-window collage photo frame. These frames typically have multiple opening matboards for displaying an arrangement of photos, allowing you to showcase several pictures in a single display. One advantage of using a collage frame is that you can tie together an assortment of photos into the same frame, once again, to help tell a story. Alternatively, a black collage photo frame can help tie together different elements in your decor by featuring photos with similar colors or themes.

Another benefit of using black multi-window collage photo frames is that they offer versatility in terms of placement. They can be hung on a wall as a statement piece or placed on a tabletop or shelf as part of a larger display. When hanging, consider arranging the photos symmetrically for a classic look or going for an asymmetrical arrangement for something more modern.

If you’re worried about choosing the right photos to fill your collage frame, try picking ones that tell a story or highlight special moments in your life. This will not only make the display more meaningful but also create an interesting focal point in any room. No matter how you choose to decorate with black multi-window collage photo frames, they are sure to add character and style to any space they’re placed in.

Collage Photo Frame

5. Black Frames go with Anything

Black frames can also be easily blended and arranged with other styles and colours of picture frames. For example, black also works with decorator styles which incorporate traditional metals such as gold, silver and pewter. Black also works great with white and bright colours as well. Mixing different styles of frames together in a salon styled hang can be a great way to display a unique and personalised arrangement of your favourite artworks and memories.

Gallery Wall

6. Black and White Photography

Black and white photography is a timeless classic that can add elegance to any space. Decorating with black picture frames is a great way to showcase your favorite photographs or art prints while also creating a cohesive look in your room. When choosing black frames for your photos, consider the style of the room and the mood you want to create. If you have a modern or minimalist decor, sleek black frames with clean lines will complement the space perfectly.

A classic black poster frame with a white matboard also looks perfect with any black and white photo photography or silhouette imagery, for that sophisticated and artistic look.

Black Photo Frames

7. Black Panoramic Photo Frames

Black panoramic photo frames are a great way to add drama and sophistication to any room. These frames can be used to showcase your favorite panoramic landscape photos and artworks. To make the most of these beautiful wide format frames, it's important to consider a few expert tips for decorating with black picture frames.

Firstly, it's essential to choose the right size frame for your space and photo. A large black panoramic frame can make a bold statement in a room while smaller ones can create an intimate display on shelves or tables. Secondly, using multiple black panoramic frames together can create an eye-catching gallery wall that adds character and depth to any space.

Lastly, when choosing which photos or artwork to display in your black panoramic photo frames, consider using monochrome prints as they work well with the sleek design of these frames. Additionally, using contrasting colours like white or metallic shades can also help bring attention to your photos while highlighting the beauty of the frame itself. Overall, adding black panoramic photo frames is an easy and practical way to elevate any decor style while showcasing cherished memories.

Panoramic Photo Frame

8. Black Metal Frames

Black metal frames are a stylish and versatile option for decorating your home or office space. Solid metal frames are a perfect fit for any décor style, from modern to traditional. They offer a sleek and minimalist look that can add a timeless touch to your photos and memories.

When it comes to showcasing black metal frames in your decor, you can use them as an accent piece or create an entire gallery wall display around them. Black frames work well with almost any colour scheme, but they shine the brightest when paired with white walls or muted tones like gray and beige.

Another exciting aspect of black metal frames is their ability to blend in with different textures. You can pair them with wooden shelves, leather couches, woven rugs, and even concrete floors without losing their charm. To make the most of these frames' elegance, choose artwork or photos that have contrasting colors or bold patterns that will pop against the black background.

Metal Photo Frame

Black is Back!

So, if you’re looking to frame something to create impact, enhance an image or last a lifetime, then a black frame is always going to be classic and timeless, regardless of any future changes in home décor styles in and trends.

Where Can I Find the Perfect Black Frame?

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