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4 Reasons Why a Metal Frame Makes the Best Gift

Most of us enjoy framed photos of our loved ones and many of these are in metal frames displayed around our homes. These small treasures can represent the most joyful aspects of our lives. Let's explore four reasons why a metal photo frame can make the perfect gift.

What are the benefits of metal photo frames?

Solid Metal photo frames are a great choice for displaying your favourite memories. They are usually inexpensive and come in various range of different styles, colours and formats to suit any style or decor.

Aina Casacuberta, the Product Design Manager from Profile Australia, says, "Our design team at Profile has carefully designed a curated and extensive range of quality solid metal photo frames that includes a variety of styles such as modern, classic, traditional, ornate and more. We pay close attention to detail and aim to provide the best quality metal frames, at the best price."

Moreover, metal picture frames are fashionable! Similar to a delicate piece of silver or gold jewelry that instantly elevates any look, metal photo frames can be that added touch of sparkle to complement any interior decor.

Still not quite convinced? We've put together below a few more reasons why a metal photo frame can be an ideal gift for a girlfriend, boyfriend, siblings, family, friends and loved ones. Whether is a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other occasion, a metal photo frame make the right choice. 

Metal Photo Frame

1. Metal frames are a meaningful gift for your loved ones

When it comes to gifting, sometimes it can be difficult to find the right present for someone special. You want to show them that you’ve put some thought into a gift for them, but you also don’t quite know what that might be? Here’s a stress-free solution! Why not put a photo or picture in a metal photo frame to create a personalised gift. Choose a photo or image that has a memory or special connection attached to it. It could be a shared experience, a family adventure or just a reflection of your companionship.

A metal photo frame can easily become a touching, personalised gift that shows the other person that you know them, and you are close to them.

For example: This twin photo narrow metal frame is our Habitat Silver Hinged Double Metal Photo Frame which features a polished silver finish and is available in six different sizes. It is also available in gold metal. 

Metal Photo Frame

2. A metal photo frame can be a gift that lasts a lifetime

When it comes to gifting for special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Christmas, why not choose something that will last longer than a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates? Flowers last a few days, but a framed photo in a metal frame can last a lifetime.

For example: These Bamboo Metal Photo Frames below make an ideal Mother's Day gift to suit a 4x6inch photo. They also come in a different sizes as well.  

Bamboo Metal Photo Frame

A metal photo frame offers a unique longevity, which represents a timeless way to preserve those memories for years to come. It’s a gift that can last a lifetime.

Profile metal picture frames are made from premium quality metal and materials that come with a lifetime guarantee. So, you can store and display your favourite moments with confidence knowing they will stand the test of time.

Metal frames also allow people to easily change, swap and update their photos as well. This means new memories and moments can be displayed over the years, using the same beautiful metal frame.

3. Metal photo frames can be decorative and versatile

When it comes to styling and home décor, metallic photo frames can be the prefect accessory to complement any shelf, a mantle or a table. They can be small and compact, but still elegant and stylish.

Metal frames are very versatile when decorating. They can be displayed in virtually any living space, such as on a bookcase in a lounge room, hung along a staircase, or positioned on a table in a bedroom. Standing metal photo frames can even perfect for Mum or Dad’s office desk at work. Everyone visiting would see and love them, as they uplift the vibe of a home with an inviting and warm appeal.

For example: This contemporary 5x7 metal frame below is our Eternal Silver Metal Photo Frame which features a brushed matt silver finish and is available in five different sizes. 

Metal Photo Frame

What styles do metal photo frames come in?

Metal photo frames come in a wide variety of styles to suit any types of décors, such as traditional golds, modern silver metals or stylish black and gold metal frames. You can even find eye-catching designer metallic frame styles such as bamboo style frames and antique style metal frames featuring detailed and intricate patterns.

There are even Art Deco styled vintage metal frames that are very lustrous and shiny, with reflective glass mirror surfaces.

For example: This beautiful Etoile Champagne Beaded Mirror Photo Frame below is available is in two sizes, 4x6in (10x15cm) and 5x7in (13x18cm) features an Art Deco inspired glass beveled mirror paneling adorned with traditional elegant beading.

Metal Photo Frame

4. Metal frames can be inexpensive

Metal photo frames come in all different shapes, sizes and price points. Additional to stand-alone frames for single photos, you can also get hinged metal frames and multi-collage metal frames which can display more than one photo. The wide variety in choices can give you freedom to choose a steel frame that suits your budget, without compromise.  

For example, if your budget needs to be affordable and inexpensive, then you can just buy a smaller sized, stylish thin metal frame for a single photo, which can still be touching and meaningful, when you insert a personalised photograph. 

For example: This simple and elegant thin metal frame is our Habitat Silver 4x6 Metal Frame which features a lustrous polished silver finish and is available in six different sizes up to 8x10 inches.

Metal Photo Frame

Alternatively, if your budget is higher, you can choose to gift multiple metal picture frames and mix and match a collection for several photos, or even a hinged frame or collage metal photo frame.

For example: This exquisite multi-collage metal frame below is our Eternal White and Rose Gold Metal Frame which is available in two styles for an arrangement of either three or four 4x6in (10x15cm) photos. 

Metal Photo Frame

Final thoughts about metal photo frames

There are so many reasons why a metal frame can make the ideal gift for almost any occasion. They can be both stylish and affordable. A metal photo frame can easily be personalised to be unique and meaningful with your favourite photo memory. Metal frames are a stress-free choice for gifting the perfect present to a loved one, and most importantly, they’re a timeless gift that can last a lifetime.

Where can I buy Australia's best metal photo frames?

Buy beautiful and elegant metal photo frames Profile Australia. Whether you're looking for a simple silver metallic frame, a sleek and clean aluminium frame, a thin black metal frame or a white and silver multi collage frame, we offer a stunning range of gorgeous metal picture frames available in different styles and colours. 

What type of materials are metal frames made from?

Profile metallic photo frames are made using heavy gauge metal and the finest materials to a premium quality finish. Each solid metal photo frame features a genuine glass face front and a plush, black velvet flock backing with an easel style stand.

Velvet backing and easel stand

Every Profile metal frame is finished with a plush, black velvet backing and hinged easel stand which slides in and out, for quick insertion of your photo. Metal frames also include hangers for the option of wall hanging too.

Metal Photo Frame

Packaged for gifting

Each Profile metal photo frame is delicately wrapped in soft tissue paper and bubble wrapped by hand. It is then packaged into a colourful branded box for protection, making it easy to wrap so it can make the perfect gift!

Metal Photo Frame

More than just metal frames...

Profile also offers a Australia's largest range of Picture & Photo Frames, so you can easily choose other styles of photo frames which you can also be ideal for gifting to your loved ones, or even yourself! 

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This article was written by Jared Davis & Aina Casacuberta.

Jared Davis is one of only a few qualified Master Certified Picture Framers in Australia with over 30 years of custom framing experience.

Jared is published author, writer and an industry-recognised educator who teaches classes and workshops to professional picture framers all around the world.

Aina Casacuberta is a design expert and the Lead Product Designer for Profile Australia.

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