4 different ways to use a shadow box photo frame

4 Great Ways to Use a Shadow Box Frames


Shadow boxes are really versatile, they can be used to showcase many things, make amazing gifts, used as gorgeous décor elements, the list goes as far as your imagination goes. 

When it comes to creating a Shadow box frame, it's all about telling a story. Choose a theme for the frame, such as a life event: a baby, graduation, wedding, holidays, a new house, anniversaries, pets, etc. The best shadow box frames are based on special memories and moments, with a combination of images and keepsakes. 

In this post we will describe the most popular uses of a shadow box picture frame. We hope you get inspired to display your precious memories in a save container.

1. Display Your Memories

We all have an old box of shoes filled with things that we have collected over the years from special events in our life. Well, a 3D Shadow Box is a great way to display these memories.

For example, in a white keepsake box frame for a baby, you could have baby's first shoes, baby's favourite pacifier or baby's favourite toy.

Also using a white shadow box for a wedding theme, you could have wedding's invitation and photos.

Scrapbook Frame
Or a shadow box picture frame could also be ideal for a vacation theme, including postcards, mementoes and photos.

2. Celebrate Life's Achievements

It is important to celebrate special milestones in our life. Each step, big or small, is important along the way. In a shadow box frame your could celebrate different achievements by displaying small items and keepsakes, such as medals, a golf ball, a swimming cap, or any small object that remain you of a competition where you participated.


3. Display Your Collections

Maybe you have been so passionate making a collection for a period of time and then this passion fades and the collection gets stored inside a cupboard and no one ever sees it again. Shadow box frames can be a great way to display your collections and generate visual interest. For example, you can display money from each country you have visited, beer caps, LEGO minifigures, event tickets, stamps, postcards, etc.

Travel box

4. Style & Decor

Finally, Shadow Boxes are also used as a styling and decor element. You can create your own DIY home decor and if you really enjoy it you could also make them seasonal. For example, use seashells during summer, dry flowers during autumn, or Christmas bulbs during Christmas. 

Shell Box
Dried FLower Box
Source: designsponge.com 
Beach Box Frame
Santa Frame
Ornament Box Frame

There's an abundance of uses and ideas for shadow box picture frames, which can not only help you to decorate your home, but also remind you of those special moments or feelings, every time you see it. 

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