Photo Wall of Oak Picture Frames with mixed art and portraits

5 Great Reasons to Choose Gallery Photo Wall Frame Sets

Nothing will personalise a wall in your home better than a gallery photo wall display of picture frames. A photo frame collage display on your wall is the ideal way to showcase your favourite memories, your family photos, your holiday snaps, or even artworks that inspire set the tone and mood for your room.
Photo Frame Gallery Picture Wall Display

What is a Gallery Photo Wall?

Also known as a salon hang or a salon styled hang, a gallery photo wall is a mixed, collage display of framed photos or artworks, aesthetically arranged on a wall to represent a common theme or format.

A gallery picture wall is great way to display your favorite photos and images in an organised and eye-catching manner and can add character and personality to any room. Gallery walls can be arranged in various ways, such as straight lines, geometric patterns or organic shapes.

Why Choose a Gallery Photo Wall Frame Set?

Creating a gallery photo wall is an excellent way to showcase your cherished memories while adding depth and interest to your home decor. However it can be difficult to know how to start and how to figure out a design and format that will work? So, a pre-made gallery photo wall frame set can be an ideal solution. They can provide a convenient and cost-effective way to create an instant concept, without having to spend time and effort searching for individual frames that match or worry about measuring and spacing them out perfectly.

To help with making this choice, here five great reasons to choose Gallery Wall Frame Sets.

1. Transform a Plain Wall into a Feature Wall

A gallery wall frame display is a stylish and creative way to convert any plain wall into a feature wall, making a statement and capturing focus and attention for a room.

When combined, a gallery photo wall of framed pictures can be can make a bigger feature than just one or two frames by themselves. It also creates a better overall aesthetic and tone to a room.

There’s also something hypnotic about arranging a bunch of images of the same theme and displaying them in a balanced and symmetrical format. Especially if they’re nostalgic and happy memories that tell a story!

Symmetrical arrangement of ten photo frames on a wall

2. The Best Solution for Multiple Portraits

Sometimes it takes more than one picture to tell a story. For this reason, a photo wall collage display of photo frames can be the best solution to display multiple photos and portraits that you might want, to best represent your family and your story. It is also an interesting way to view your photos and images, especially if there is an underlying theme, such as a event, a milestone or a vacation. 

Whether it might be your wedding photos, your baby photos, or photos of extended family and loved ones – people and memories are most enjoyed when they’re captured and displayed in picture frames. A salon style hang gallery wall display is a great way to preserve those happy moments in time.

Set of white framed photos in a gallery display on wall

3. Wall Frame Sets are Easy to Hang and Install

Buying individual photo frames can become a bit disorganised and confusing, because of the differences in sizes and shapes between different types of picture frames. However, buying a pre-packed, photo wall set of frames is easy, because it will come conveniently pre-arranged in a format that you know will look good and be simple to layout.

Gallery Wall Frames Sets from Profile also come with simple instructions on how to fit and hang. The process of putting your photos into your frames and then hanging them on your wall can also be a fun and enjoyable family project as well. 

Creating a photo wall project

Profile Australia has created some helpful guides and videos on how to hang and install a gallery wall frame set, which you can view here.

4. Buying Gallery Wall Frame Sets vs. Individual Photo Frames

There’s nothing wrong with buying individual photo frames to create your own gallery wall display. This can be interesting and fun, especially if you want to create your own unique and different display. You can also gradually build and add to your frame display over time as well. 

Alternatively, buying a complete DIY photo frame set could save you time, because it is already bundled and ready to go. A photo wall frame set also makes it quick and convenient to instantly create a smart, cohesive look to an overall display. Similar to the look that an interior designer might create.

Photo wall frame set display of wedding photos

All of the frames in a photo wall collage set have also been optimised and considered for an overall completed style which will create a finished look as good as any interior designer could create for you, but at a fraction of the cost.

Buying a photo frame set can also save money and offer value, as you effectively buying multiple frames in a bundle, rather than individually. This means in many cases, the price you pay per picture frame can actually work out to be much better value than if you were to buy them separately. 

5. Photo Wall Collage Sets Make the Ideal Gift

A photo wall frame set can make the ideal gift for a loved one, especially for family photos. Imagine the look of delight on Grandma and Grandpa’s face, if they were gifted a timeless gallery wall frame set filled with photos of all their grandkids! 

Or, for the younger generation who love social media, why not create an Instagram-inspired  frame wall display. Collect your favourite, square-shaped Instagram travel photos and showcase them in a square-shaped photo wall display of square frames!

Arrangement of square photo frames as a wall display

Further Inspiration for Designing Your Gallery Photo Wall Display

If you're looking for some more inspiration and ideas for a gallery wall display, websites such as Pinterest and Instagram have countless examples of beautifully curated photo walls that can provide ideas and guidance. You can also search for specific themes, colours, or styles that match your personal taste and home decor.

We've also created our own infographic to help get with some more ideas for gallery wall layout inspiration: 

Salon Style Hang Display Ideas Infographic

Create Your Own Photo Wall Display Today!

We all have special moments and memories we want to share with our family and loved ones. A wall frame set can be the perfect way collect those wonderful moments and relive these memories for years to come.

Hanging a Gallery wall of framed pictures

Creating an attractive photo wall can be time-consuming, especially if you're starting from scratch. Pre-made gallery photo wall frame sets from Profile can save time by providing all the necessary components and a great design, in one package.


Where Can I Buy Australia's Best Gallery Photo Wall Frame Sets?

Create your own stunning display of framed photos and art with a beautiful Gallery Wall Frame Set from Profile Australia. Whether you're looking for a large, symmetrical 10 frame set or a small, affordable mini photo frame set, we offer a great range of popular photo frame wall sets available in different styles and colours to suit both your decor and your budget. These all come a variety of colour options including white, black, light ash timber and brown chestnut timbers.

Each Photo Wall Frame Set comes boxed with everything you need to create your own a gorgeous wall of memories.

Profile gallery wall frame sets are made from quality, solid timber which is eco-sustainable from renewable plantation timbers. They are proudly Australian made in our workshop in Sydney and come with a lifetime guarantee.

We also offer a complete range of Picture & Photo Frames so you can choose your own frames which you can mix and match to suit. 

There’s no better way to display your world, than on your wall!

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