Photo Frame Interior Decoration & Creative Inspiration - as seen in Real Living

Photo Frame Interior Decoration & Creative Inspiration - as seen in Real Living

Front cover of Real Living

In this issue of Real Living Magazine features some great photo frame displays from Profile Australia. We have included ideas here below to provide you with some creative inspiration and show you how you can recreate this look in your own home or office.

Frame arrangement on book shelf

The white shadow box photo frame series featured above can be recreated using a combination of sizes within our Brighton Box White Shadow Box Photo Frame. These shadow box picture frames have been styled above the bookcase featuring Lisa Rinnevuo paintings, however you can also insert your own colourful paintings, images or photographs to add some colour to the space.

white brighton box frame


If you prefer to use a non-shadow box picture frame, may we suggest using our best-selling Deluxe White Photo Frame series (pictured below) which is available in a variety of rectangular and square sizes.

white elegant deluxe frame


Also featured within the magazine is a magnificent photo frame photo wall display using a variety of black photo frame sizes with black and white photographs in a symmetrical arrangement which provides a perfect contrast to the fun and playful colour pops in the room. 

photo wall of black square frames

This look can be recreated using our Deluxe Black Timber Photo Frame range, as featured below.

elegant deluxe black frame
Profile also offers a popular range of convenient Gallery Photo Wall Frame Sets which can provide this type of look as well. 
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For more creative inspiration, visit our Pinterest page. Thanks for reading!